Life in the Emirates

Willy Wizz’s Hot New Single: Life in The Emirates 2K14 ClubMix, featuring Alan Landry !


It’s Out Now !!

In 1979, the original “Life In The Emirates” by The Establishment, brought joy to the middle-eastern crowd, and we believe now is a good time for the younger generations to experience these sensations once more with this 2K14 Club Mix, produced by Willy Wizz Ft. Alan Landry, “The Legendary Voice Of Monaco” released under ILIKETOMOVEIT!® ( by Tungsten Music).

To celebrate this brand new release with our Djs all over, you can grab a FREE DOWNLOAD of the 2K14 Club Dub on our Soundcloud, for your crazy mashups and bootlegs ! We might just release a record with the best ones !

Get your copy of all 3 Edits below but before you do, make sure you fasten your seat belts, and get ready for a magic carpet ride !

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Tungsten News Update: 2K15 Release Countdown in Dubai !

Life in the Emirates

Willy Wizz’s Hot New Single: Life in The Emirates 2K14 ClubMix, featuring Alan Landry !


Tungsten is proud to announce a very, very special New Year’s Eve performance, hosted by our “Legendary Voice of Monaco” Alan Landry, live at the Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi, World famous for its spectacular fireworks, its vibe and its amazing energy !

For the first time, Alan Landry will be presenting his Hot New Single: “Life in The Emirates (2K14 Club Mix)”, produced by Willy Wizz for Tungsten’s EDM label ILIKETOMOVEIT!®, and globally released on Dec 31st of 2014 ! (available on Itunes and other good platforms )

If you happen to be there, don’t miss-out !

This exclusive show is brought to you by Tungsten Entertainment, Lookin’ Up Productions, Tungsten Music, and ILIKETOMOVEIT!® !

How To Get An Itunes Connect Account

Indie Music Guide

iTunes Connect The iTunes Connect log-in screen

Anyone who has ever wanted to distribute their own music knows how important being on the iTunes Store is. So, quite naturally, one might find themselves on Google searching for the following terms (for the most part):

One of the very first things you may come across is a web page from Apple saying you should get an iTunes Connect account. Well, let me assure you, this is a lot easier said than done! Right now, let’s not even get into the differences between the iTunes App, the iTunes Store, iTunes Connect, and iTunes Producer. We’ll move along under the assumption you have some type of understanding towards that…

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A better World…

"...Starting my new Media Company"

The rise of a better World Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello World Wide Web, hope you had a wonderful weekend, with your family and loved ones !

Since I started this adventure, my mind has been so full of test marketing, branding, legal issues, taxes, prospection, communication, manufacturing, executive staff, sponsors, trademarks and so-on, that I spent the last four days thinking about the system behind my project, and how I should articulate things, to keep it digest in my mind.

In order to deliver products that “speak” to each and everyone of us, brands are now more and more turning to emerging artists, for they have the social appeal, and can deliver emotions, creating a unique brand experience…

Music Metric reveals that their collective reach is phenomenal, due to the fact that most emerging artists have to be their own “marketing company” on a daily basis, to build their fan base, thus reaching millions of fans who can…

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There’s a new Dance label in town !

I like to move it !

ILIKETOMOVEIT!®  by Tungsten


Tungsten Music is proud to present our new baby boy:ILIKETOMOVEIT!
Our new Dance label, exclusively for your happy feet will feature artists like Willy Wizz, Don Simon, Mc Adrian, or Alan Landry “The Legendary Voice Of Monaco” and many more to come !

Already home of some of the greatest Djs on earth, Tungsten is now becoming your provider for banging club grooves through ILIKETOMOVEIT so stay tuned !!!

Boy, have we got news !

Fellow followers, we’ve been away for quite a while, but for so many very good reasons !

Tina Knowles and Brigitte Beling

On the fun side, we were so thrilled to have one of our protégé, Brigitte Beling, welcome Tina Knowles for a ladies’ stroll in Paris last week !  For those who wonder, Tina Knowles is Beyoncé Knowles-Carter‘s mom !


We also had the privilege to meet with legendary Mc Adrian, radio host for FG radio, MC and remixer but foremost, one of the contributors to the success of clubs like Studio 54, Paradise Garage, Lime light or Roxy Club !

Also based in Paris, he is our connection to all the major French Touch Djs like David Guetta, Saint Germain, Bob Sinclar, Cérrone, Benjamin Franklin and so many more !
McAdrian & Bob Sinclar

Mc Adrian & Bob Sinclar

Which brings us to the exciting music side, Tungsten Group is proud to announce Tungsten Music‘s first EDM release:     “Life in The Emirates-2K14 Club Mix“, a 70’s middle-eastern original hit by The Establishment, reworked by our home producer Willy Wizz and featuring Alan Landry (formerly Alan Anthony), due December 12th on major platforms worldwide ! Needless to say we will also release a series of remixes for your favorite Djs to play for your happy feet so stay tuned !

Life In The Emirates 2K14 Club Mix Artwork

You can also get ready for Willy Wizz‘s debut album “Alter Natives” due in spring 2015, in collaboration with Black Stamp music, a french, Soul-oriented music label. This album will be a producer’s album, gathering all the major influences Willy Wizz has picked up over his 25 years of mixing, and delivered as an alternative to what can heard in today’s globalized musical panorama

With guests like Tanya Michelle, Julian Getreau, or upcoming artist Don Simon, you are about to experience a moody, urban tale of today’s hopes, crystalized in a fresh, yet deep and positive music !