“Fourchettes Soniques 2016” by Tungsten !

fourchettes_Tungsten_WhiteTungsten Entertainment is the proud co organizer of the 2nd
Fourchettes Soniques” Electronic Festival !

Two days of pure sound & vibes from the most renowned of the
French underground Dj Scene brought to you by Tungsten Entertainment !

Another sure occasion to… “Connect your emotions !”

Stay tuned for details !


How To Get An Itunes Connect Account

Indie Music Guide

iTunes Connect The iTunes Connect log-in screen

Anyone who has ever wanted to distribute their own music knows how important being on the iTunes Store is. So, quite naturally, one might find themselves on Google searching for the following terms (for the most part):

One of the very first things you may come across is a web page from Apple saying you should get an iTunes Connect account. Well, let me assure you, this is a lot easier said than done! Right now, let’s not even get into the differences between the iTunes App, the iTunes Store, iTunes Connect, and iTunes Producer. We’ll move along under the assumption you have some type of understanding towards that…

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A better World…

"...Starting my new Media Company"

The rise of a better World Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello World Wide Web, hope you had a wonderful weekend, with your family and loved ones !

Since I started this adventure, my mind has been so full of test marketing, branding, legal issues, taxes, prospection, communication, manufacturing, executive staff, sponsors, trademarks and so-on, that I spent the last four days thinking about the system behind my project, and how I should articulate things, to keep it digest in my mind.

In order to deliver products that “speak” to each and everyone of us, brands are now more and more turning to emerging artists, for they have the social appeal, and can deliver emotions, creating a unique brand experience…

Music Metric reveals that their collective reach is phenomenal, due to the fact that most emerging artists have to be their own “marketing company” on a daily basis, to build their fan base, thus reaching millions of fans who can…

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Alan Landry in People Magazine !


Alan Landry People Mag

Shoot for the stars !



Alan Landry who just made the cover of People Magazine will be performing tonight at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Cannes during the International Film Festival.

You can also hear him on May 22 and May 23 for the Jackson and the Mandela familiesat the Villa Oxygene.